Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier, Grey


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● Infants 8-32 pounds
● 4 ways to carry baby-facing in narrow seat for newborns, facing in wide seat for older babies, facing out narrow seat for babies with head control and back carry wide seat for older babies and toddlers
● Includes wonder cover 2-in 1 bib to protect your carrier and clothes
● Machine washable
● Adjustable seat, leg openings, straps and waist belt for a completely customized fit

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3 in stock

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Product Description:

The Flip Advanced baby carrier’s unique, convertible seat makes this the ideal carrier for infancy through toddler years. Use the narrow seat position and padded head support to comfortably hold small infants. Switch to the wide position to continue to provide an ergonomic, facing-in seat while your child grows. Includes the handy Wonder Cover bib to protect your clothing and carrier.

Securely carry infants from 8-32lbs/5.4-20.4kgs. Machine washable.

4 Ways to Carry





Facing-In Narrow Seat

Facing-In Wide Seat

Facing Out

Back Carry



Flip Facing out

Convertible Seat:

Many carriers require extra infant inserts or force little legs into an uncomfortably wide position. The Flip Advanced Carrier allows you to narrow the seat for small infants, creating a comfortable seat for little babies. As your child grows, expand the seat to continue to provide knee-to-knee support for older babies and toddlers.

Comfortable Carrying:

Extra padded shoulder straps and a supportive waist belt evenly distributes the weight of the child. Adjustable straps create a comfortable fit for Moms and Dads of all body types.

Facing Out


Wonder Cover Bib:

Protect your clothing and your carrier from spit-up and drool with Infantino’s patented Wonder Cover bib. Attaches to the inside of your carrier when facing in, and across the folded head rest when facing out. In addition to being functional, it also provides a fun pop of fashion.

together Flip go forward
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Weight Range 8-40 lbs / 3.6-18.14 kgs 8-25 lbs / 3.6-11.3 kgs 12-40 lbs / 5.4-18.1 kgs 8-32 lbs / 3.6-14.5 kgs 8-40 lbs / 3.6-18.1 kgs 8-40 lbs / 3.6-18.14 kgs
Waist Belt Length 29-55 inches / 73.66-139.7 cm 26-50 inches / 66.04-127 cm 24-47 inches / 60.96-119.38 cm 22-56 inches / 55.88-142.24 cm 26-50 inches / 66.04-127 cm
Carrying Positions Facing In, Facing Out, Backpack Facing In (narrow seat), Facing In (wide seat) Facing In, Backpack Facing In, Facing Out, Backpack In-Facing (Infant), In-Facing Wide, Outfacing & Backpack Facing In, Facing Out, Backpack
Additional Benefits 6 convenient pockets Pre-formed wrap Removable Hood Wonder Cover Bib Muslin Hood and Silicone Teether Soft fabric with quilting details

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